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Las Vegas Emergency Medical Facilities

When you run into an emergency while visiting Vegas, who are you gonna call? The Ghostbusters aren’t likely to provide much help, but hopefully, this list of emergency services will come in handy.

Emergency Facilities in Las Vegas

From urgent care and emergency rooms near the Strip to Covid-19 and STD testing, this comprehensive list has the closest options to try in case things go awry on vacation. Nobody wants to think of being in a personal state of emergency while traveling but things happen and it's best to be prepared.

Some services come to you at your hotel in Las Vegas, like concierge doctors and IV hydration providers, if you can’t get around. Hopefully, you won’t need to use them, but it’s always helpful to have the information on hand in case you're in need of health care on vacation.

Elite Medical Center

Driving north on the Strip, hang a right on Harmon to get to Elite Medical Center, an acute care hospital located right behind the Planet Hollywood Hotel & Casino. Open 24 hours a day with general emergency services, this facility is available to adults and pediatric patients, with on-site imaging and lab services. Covid-19 testing is available.

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Vegas Strip Urgent Care

Much like a concierge doctor service, Las Vegas Strip Urgent Care provides on-call doctors via telephone consult or an in-room hotel visit. Personalized medical services come to you and can triage or refer to a local facility as needed. Insurance is accepted, and pricing is on par with local clinics, making it a great option for mobility or transportation are limited. 

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TBD Sexual Health Clinic 

Despite the popular travel slogan, not everything stays in Vegas. Once the drinking gets going, it’s easy to make poor decisions on vacation where your real life feels like a distant dream. If you have any reproductive issues or signs of an infection, sex-positive TBD Sexual Health Clinic is the place to get checked out.

Staff will get you evaluated, prescribe medication, and help plan the next steps. Test results are available within three days, and pricing is affordable. TBD also provides COVID-19 testing.

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Ready Responders

Another service that comes to you is Ready Responders, providing personalized in-person care every day of the year. Make an appointment online to have a Ready Responder go to you and collaborate with a clinician via telehealth technology to plan your non-emergency care. This service is excellent for general illness symptoms, gastrointestinal or respiratory issues, infections and home-based testing, such as Covid-19, diabetes and pregnancy. 

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REVIV IV Therapy

If you happen to be staying in or around the MGM, Cosmopolitan or Venetian resorts, REVIV has world-class clinics available in each to provide intravenous (IV) therapies and vitamin injections. The available IV programs are focused on maintenance and recovery, such as expedited hydration to help with a hangover. Appointments are recommended, but walk-ins are available. ​

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Sunrise Hospital & Emergency Center

For a true emergency, sometimes you just need to go to a real hospital. Sunrise Hospital is just east of the Strip, with a pediatric emergency room, neurovascular ICU, and Level II trauma center. You can get here in about a quick 15-minute car ride via rideshare, taxi or your own wheels. If you call for an ambulance on the Strip, this is likely where you’ll be taken. 

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