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Five Las Vegas Dining Experiences at Virgin Hotels Las Vegas

The newest off-Strip resort in Las Vegas boasts numerous dining options for every palate.

Virgin Hotels Las Vegas opened this past spring with a variety of fantastic new dining options. The newly designed property also took extra steps to reimagine the various culinary spaces to provide new experiences and flavors. We were invited in for a hosted look (and taste) at some of the wonderful restaurants inside the property. Here’s a look at several of the new places you won’t want to miss. 


Making it's long-anticipated return, Olives by Chef Todd English is a welcome favorite that we've missed greatly since it departed from Bellagio Las Vegas. You might be wondering how the new location differs from its predecessor, so we asked Chef Todd English to get the scoop straight from him. "Other than we don't have a fountain?" he joked, "It's very similar. The bar is a little bigger." The long, elegant bar by the entrance evokes old-school glam with a sleek piano in the center of the space and ties the gorgeous dining room together. 

Olives Entrance Las Vegas | WhereTraveler
Olives Entrance (©Melanie Lee)

The menu contains all of the classics as well, "We're doing a lot of the classic dishes from 1989, a lot of the dishes that we had at Olives originally," Chef told us. You can expect to find the famous beef carpaccio on the menu (and it's delicious) along with other delightful flavors like the tuna tartare (covered in crispy rock shrimp) and the Tortelli (it's perfect for fall with creamy butternut squash and sage brown butter). 

Tortelli Pasta and Cocktails at Olives Las Vegas | WhereTraveler
Tortelli Pasta and Cocktails at Olives (©Melanie Lee)

Money, Baby! 

Located on the second floor, Money, Baby! is a fantastic place to watch the game, party with friends, enjoy the sunset and try some excellent food. We stopped by shortly after the restaurant debuted to sample some of the menu and talk to Chef Beau McMillan about what went into creating the fun and Instagrammable foods. “When it comes to menus and inspiration, it’s a whole thought process. You have to know the market. Who is the audience at Money, Baby!? How do we identify that audience, and what will they enjoy? And in that, staying within the lanes of what good food is—quality driven, recognizable and delicious,” McMillan told us. Here, you’ll find bar favorites but with a modern twist like the “Green Chili Pork Nachos” and the “Boss Hog Homewrecker Dog.” 

Ambiance at Money, Baby! Las Vegas | WhereTraveler
Ambiance at Money, Baby! (©Melanie Lee)

What’s Chef’s favorite item on the menu? “It’s tough to pick a favorite because I am a huge sports fan and love sports bars, so my eyes dart all over from the Banh Mi Home Wrecker dog, the Double Down burger or even the TRUFFalo wings. It can take you wherever you want to go, so I love the menu as a collective, honestly. We’ve really only just gotten started with discovering who we want to be, and the evolution of the menu will be a super fun process that I’m very excited for.” 

MB Millionaires Chocolate Tart at Money, Baby! Las Vegas | WhereTraveler
MB Millionaires Chocolate Tart at Money, Baby! (©Melanie Lee)

Kassi Beach House

Located right by the pool, the stunning open space of Kassi Beach House is the perfect spot for a bit of R&R after a night out on the town. We got to sample some of the delicious brunch menu options available every day (yes, that means Wednesday brunches are a thing now). The brunch menu has various brunch staples (the ricotta pancakes were a favorite) along with salads, pastas and pizzas. There’s a full cocktail menu complete with slushies (essential in the hotter months) and mocktails. 

Ambiance at Kassi Beach House Las Vegas | WhereTraveler
Ambiance at Kassi Beach House (©Melanie Lee)

The indoor-outdoor space allows diners to be transported elsewhere, "As part of the Wish You Were Here Group—Kassi enables you to escape to another destination…for us, it is the Italian coast for you it could be anywhere you find happiness," explained General Manager Jason Bartucci. The entire restaurant looks out over the patio towards the pool area, so you always feel like you’re at an exotic locale, and Kassi Beach House is especially fantastic for groups. 

Avocado Toast at Kassi Beach House Las Vegas | WhereTraveler
Avocado Toast at Kassi Beach House (©Melanie Lee)

One Steakhouse

The premier steakhouse at Virgin Hotels Las Vegas is a thoroughly sophisticated spot for a great steak and some creative menu options. Its predecessor MB Steakhouse was a local favorite, and One Steakhouse does not disappoint. The redesigned space expanded the bar space from ten barstools to seating for 100. During a media visit before opening, David and Michael Morton (yes, those Mortons) talked to us about the newly imagined space, “One of the things that’s changed is we were completely separated from the restaurant. You actually came through a little entryway to bring you to the restaurant, and now what we’ve done is, in addition to expanding it, we’ve opened up the restaurant. Because we really wanted the connectivity with the amazing new casino.” 

Ambiance at One Steakhouse Las Vegas | WhereTraveler
Ambiance at One Steakhouse (©Melanie Lee)

Even typical steakhouse staples are elevated and reimagined like the “Rhode Island Calamari” or the “Baby Iceberg Salad.” If you’re feeling particularly indulgent, try one of the three surf and turf options. The cocktail menu consists of several signature cocktails alongside several retro cocktails, perfect for a sophisticated night out. As usual, try to save room for one of the decadent desserts like the “Raspberry Lemon Baked Alaska.” 

Surf and Turf at One Steakhouse Las Vegas | WhereTraveler
Surf and Turf at One Steakhouse (©Melanie Lee)

Casa Calavera

One of the most Instagrammable restaurants in town is also one of the most fun. Brought to Las Vegas by Hakkasan Group, Casa Calavera serves up flavorful Latin options like their guacamole selection (try all three for a true culinary experience) and the “Ahi Tuna Tostada.” The Mi Casa Su Casa happy hour on weekdays (except Tuesday) at the bar offers various $7 items. Taco Tuesdays offer discounted tacos, perfect if you’re on a budget. If you’re in the mood for something stunning and delicious, try “The Calavera” for dessert. We won’t spoil it for you, but make sure to have your cameras ready. 

Ambiance at Casa Calavera Las Vegas | WhereTraveler
Ambiance at Casa Calavera (©Melanie Lee)

If you’re looking for other Instagrammable food moments, there are plenty. At a preview tour, Executive Director of International Marketing for Hakkasan Group, Rick Tomich, gave us a little preview of just a few of the picturesque menu items to look out for, “We have three different types of guacamoles, we have a classic guacamole, we have a pomegranate guacamole that’s made with mint and green apple, and we have a chipotle bacon guacamole. Served fresh and made to order every day.” “The Mexican street corn, it comes out on a wooden skewer like a lollipop.” 

Mexican Street Corn at Casa Calavera Las Vegas | WhereTraveler
Mexican Street Corn at Casa Calavera (©Melanie Lee)