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Five Specialty Food Markets in Las Vegas

Whether you’re looking for the perfect meal ingredients or something special to bring to a party, these five markets have something for everyone.

Five Specialty Markets in Las Vegas for Artisanal Foods

For those who don’t come to Vegas for a playland of drinking, gaming and shows, Vegas also draws the crowds here for gourmet food experiences. Various artisanal markets have opened up on and off the Strip with a unique offering of imported and hard-to-find products and treats. Whether you swing by to pick up snacks or grab goodies to take home and cook up in the kitchen, exploring these specialty food markets is a guaranteed fun time for any foodie.


Eataly opened their Las Vegas outpost at Park MGM just over three years ago, to much fanfare and foodie acclaim. The beautiful space genuinely celebrates everything Italian, from history to food to culture! Multiple shops, counters and restaurants allow you to taste and learn about Italian cuisine directly from the purveyors. The Mercato stocks all sorts of items, and the sights and smells ensure an authentic feel.

Designed for both diners and cooks, guests can enjoy a full Italian meal at one of the sit-down restaurants, a quick service experience at one (or several) vendors or a complete shopping extravaganza to make the perfect Italian meal at home. Several counters offer Italian street food, breads and pastries to eat on-site or take to-go. You’ll find a variety of goods like fresh pasta, prime meat cuts, seafood, cheese and various antipasti at the many market stalls. 

La Pasticceria at Eataly Las Vegas | WhereTraveler
La Pasticceria at Eataly Las Vegas (Photo By Francisco Lupini Eataly USA)

Artisanal Foods

A hop, skip, and jump off of the Strip is Artisanal Foods, a gourmet grocery playground for those who love imported cheeses, foie gras, caviar and truffles. The high-end goods are primarily sourced from small, minority and family-owned brands, emphasizing authenticity and sustainability. Store staff members are knowledgeable and helpful in suggesting how to best use or pair their goods whether you fancy yourself a home chef or are just trying to whip up an impressive date night dinner.

Gift baskets are available with a curated selection of specialty foods, and the location occasionally offers informative classes. Keep your eyes peeled when you visit, as this shop is a local chef hangout, and you never know who you might see picking up goodies for their own homemade meals.

Imported Cheese | WhereTraveler
Imported Cheese (©Camille Brodard)


With two locations in town, Williams-Sonoma is the big box version of food markets, focusing on kitchen equipment rather than ingredients. The flagship shop was initially founded in Sonoma, California, by Charles Williams, a world traveler and accomplished cook who saw an opportunity to connect customers with the very best professional-grade cookware.

Famously fond of French cuisine and techniques, Williams initially stocked his shop with everything needed to make his favorite dishes, including madeleines, glazed carrots and clams Algarve. These days, the store is a wedding registry staple with its unmatched selection of pans, bakeware, cutlery, linens and decor. You’ll find Williams-Sonoma in the Summerlin and Green Valley neighborhoods of Las Vegas. 

Madeleine Cookies | WhereTraveler
Madeleine Cookies (©Jonathan Pielmayer)

International Marketplace

Las Vegas is home to several thriving immigrant populations, many of whom go directly to International Marketplacewhen they’re craving a taste of home. Open every day except Sundays, this massive market seemingly stocks snacks and ingredients from over 50 countries and touches on nearly every cuisine. Neatly divided between “things to eat” and “things to cook with,” visitors can find packaged snacks and candies alongside the exotic seasonings and specialty tools needed to make everything from homemade Sichuan noodles to Turkish desserts.

Adventurous eaters enjoy stopping in to explore and try something new, like a world tour of the senses, while those wanting to cook up a feast at home will appreciate their specially-sourced seasoning blends and seafood counter. Visit around various holidays, and you may find an international selection of specialty holiday foods. 

Holiday Stollen | WhereTraveler
Holiday Stollen (©Couleur)

European Delicacies

More of a small neighborhood market than some of the larger shops on this list, European Delicacies is tucked into a shopping plaza on the southwest side of Las Vegas. What they lack in space, they make up for in product and service. The shelves are stocked with products from eastern and southeastern Europe, with frozen favorites, baked goods, and counters for smoked and cured meats and cheeses.

The owners are often present stocking shelves or helping customers and can help visitors seek out specific items they may not already have in stock. The imported chocolate section is a major draw here. 

Cadbury Chocolate Selection | WhereTraveler
Cadbury Chocolate Selection (©TK McLean)