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Vegas’ Best Hangover Food Cures

Get the alcohol out of your system with these culinary treats

Hangovers. They happen to the best of us. The best way to get rid of them? With an indulgent meal or cup of coffee, of course! Read on for the best ways to feel like yourself in no time.

A Hearty Bowl of Soup

Dive into a bowl of Japanese sensation Yusho’s delicious creations, topped with eggs, meat, vegetables—you name it. The fragrant soups will warm up your insides and will leave you clear in no time.

A Great Cup o' Joe

Just across the plaza from Yusho is the best coffeehouse in town, Sambalatte. You’ll savor every sip of the divine latte and espresso creations; that surge of caffeine will rid you of the pesky hangover in no time.

The Best Breakfast

This one's off the Strip, but oh-so worth it: chefs Javier and Antonio have a long and distinguished pedigree of working for Las Vegas' best restaurants, and they've now set up shop with the Henderson gem Kitchen Table. The omelettes are simply amazing, and you can add foie gras to any dish. Even the muffins are unlike anything you've ever tasted before.

An Over-the-Top Burger

You’ve already got a hangover, so what’s a little more trouble? PBR Rock Bar & Grill’s Double Trouble Burger is built with two cooked-to-perfection patties each covered with melted cheddar cheese and piled with bacon on a brioche bun. This heap of meat is then topped with a fried egg, hollandaise sauce, lettuce, tomato and onion. We think your hangover will be gone by the time you finish it.

A Decadent Tribute to Elvis

Hungry? You better be. The King at Mr. Lucky's is a giant stack of 14 fluffy banana pancakes and 14 strips of crispy bacon drizzled in a creamy peanut butter and maple syrup glaze. Whipped cream and fresh seasonal strawberries complete the filling meal.

Way to Carb-Load

Revel in the farm-fresh tasting food at the best new café in town, Della’s Kitchen. For pasta-lovers, the Bucatini Cabonara is perfection personified. Tasting is believing.

Rice, Where Art Thou?

Some of our favorite sushi creations on the Strip can be found at TAO; let the rice in the delicious Spicy Tuna on Crispy Rice dish soak up that alcohol, stat!

The Healthy Approach

Even though we love rich foods when it comes to curing hangovers, a great salad can be just what the doctor ordered. That’s why we adore The Palm’s signature Gigi salad, packed with shrimp, green beens, avocado, egg, bacon, avocado and more.

Boost Your Vitamin Quotient

Benefit from the newest creations to grace the Bellagio’s Jean Philippe Patisserie, Spa Bellagio, Palio, Palio Pronto, Café Bellagio and Café Gelato—USDA-Certified Organic, cold-pressed juices, made from kale, beet and carrot juices. You’ll feel like a superhero after downing these.

Calling Comfort Foods

Dig into a plateful of meat and potatoes and comfort-food haven Ri Ra; from beef, pork and chicken dishes to succulent seafoods, this place pairs them with comforting veggies that’ll cure you of a nasty hangover in no town. Don’t leave without trying one of its decadent desserts.

Plateful of Pizza

If you’re like us, you could eat pizza every day, multiple times a day. Our favorite place to do so? At Grimaldi’s (two locations on the Strip), where you can delight in the menu creations that include white and pesto pizzas, or, create your very own.