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Vintage Market Days Returns to Las Vegas

The local favorite marketplace is back this weekend at Downtown Summerlin.

Vintage Market Days comes around twice a year and provides a fantastic weekend out for locals and visitors. Each spring and fall, the lawn at Downtown Summerlin becomes a festive market. Not merely just for lovers of the “shabby chic” vintage style, the market provides a fun shopping experience for every type of vintage lover and fans of artisanal goods. We were invited to check out the market and chat with seasoned veteran shops and some of the newer local vendors about the weekend.

Vintage Market Days Las Vegas

The market is an ideal shopping destination for all kinds of shoppers. While there are certainly plenty of options for decor fans, booths have everything from fresh flowers and body products to artisanal foods. Most of the participants are local businesses, some with brick and mortar storefronts and others that are home-based.

Local Businesses

Vendors like Penny Pop Popcorn are relatively new to the scene, having started during the pandemic, and are now in their fourth Vintage Market Days event. “I took the stimulus check, and my daughter and son-in-law are partners with me, and we used our stimulus checks, and I bought a kettle machine on Craig’s List,” owner Tina tells us. “We were going to do events, but there were no events. We thought it would be a couple of months, and we’d be open again. So then, we decided to start packaging, and we started going to farmers’ markets.” The local start-up features unique tastes alongside classic flavors. An owner favorite? The Sour Patch Kids, “We don’t make it if we don’t love it.” 

Local Sweets From Penny Pop Popcorn Las Vegas | WhereTraveler
Local Sweets From Penny Pop Popcorn

Vintaged LV is back for its third run with vintage shirts hand-dyed and customized. “It’s a cool event. My first one was actually a year ago—last April,” owner Barney Suguitan tells us, “It’s insane. There’s a good balance, they have a great client base, and people pay to come early. I think through word of mouth; it keeps growing. It’s a really good mix, and it’s really diverse, to say the least. People are here looking for pictures, food, clothes and T-shirts; it’s really cool.”

Long-Time and First-Round Vendors

With Love & Company has been with Vintage Market Days since 2017—the company had its first booth mere months after opening and now has a storefront within Downtown Summerlin. Owner Teana Barbour showed us a photo of their first event, “We only had two tables, and the funny thing is, I was actually under a table filling the jars and putting them on top of the table because we didn’t know what to expect and we had run out of jars and were taking orders of the bath bombs.” “It’s changed immensely. From the beginning, this has probably been one of the most special events we’ve done,” she tells us. 

Health and Wellness Products From With Love & Company Las Vegas | WhereTraveler
Health and Wellness Products From With Love & Company 

We spoke with Jean-Francois Thibeault of Nuage—a locally-based artisanal cotton candy company in its first year at Vintage Market Days. “We come all the time, just as customers, but this is our first time really being a part of it,” he told us. Nuage specializes in special events like weddings and birthdays and have so far received great responses from market customers. You won’t find a ton of artificial flavors and chemicals here; Thibeault emphasized the company’s policy, “All flavors we developed ourselves, and we use only natural, only real flavors.”

A Favorite Local Event

While we noticed a high level of excitement from shoppers, the enthusiasm from vendors is also palpable, especially with vendors like Barbour, who has nothing but positive things to say about event organizer Erica Parker. Erica is the strongest, most brilliant businesswoman. She worlds day and night, she puts on a fantastic event, and she takes risks on small businesses. She curates something special for people,” Barbour tells us. “Most events will just grow for the sake of growing and taking so many new vendors, and so they’ll take over more parks, and they’ll just grow and grow and grow. She makes sure she finds the best to make the best experience for people.