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A Bridesmaids Parody Comes to Las Vegas

A parody of the hit comedy blockbuster debuts in Las Vegas this month.

If you’re a fan of the film “Bridesmaids,” you’re in luck. “BRIDESMAIDS: The Unauthorized Movie Musical Parody” is set to open in Las Vegas at The Orleans Hotel & Casino this fall. The fun and energetic show is the perfect night out for fans. “It’s been a blast! It’s such a funny movie that we had a lot to work with. And our actors are loving it,” Producer Lynn Shore told us. 

“BRIDESMAIDS: The Unauthorized Movie Musical Parody”

The show promises to bring fan-favorite moments to the stage. “From the engagement party to Annie meeting Rhodes, to the wedding gown store gone wrong. All our favorite moments!” Shore said. Fans will be able to witness all of their favorite scenes live on stage. “We use an actual sink for “that scene!” Shore told us. 

If you’ve never seen the film, you’ll still be able to enjoy the show. “It’s such an easy story to follow; everyone will easily enjoy the show,” Shore told us. “The two male actors who play Ted and Rhodes also double as Rita and Becca…and they’re hilarious!”

“BRIDESMAIDS: The Unauthorized Movie Musical Parody” officially opens on September 20, with special performances already playing. “Besides our amazing comedic actors, you’re not going to want to miss the wedding gown scene!” Shore said. Guests must be 18 and over to attend, and show dates currently run through June 24, 2023. 

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