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"Brilliant! Jackpot" Has Debuted at The Neon Museum

The updated "Brilliant" production includes new audio and visual elements.

The Neon Museum

The Neon Museum is one of the most visited art locations in Las Vegas. With history and art combined to make one of the most Instagrammable spots in our city, it's no wonder visitors flock here. Initially a means of attracting people to roadside attractions and hotels, neon remains a staple of Las Vegas. As developments occurred and changes were made, many original neon pieces landed in what is called the neon boneyard, a repository for these priceless creations and now part of The Neon Museum downtown. You’ll need to plan ahead for your visit here, especially if you want to do the evening tour when all the signs are lit up (and you definitely want to do that). 

"Las Vegas Luminaries" Mural | WhereTraveler
"Las Vegas Luminaries" Mural (Courtesy The Neon Museum)

"Brilliant! Jackpot" and "Las Vegas Luminaries"

The museum recently redesigned its North Gallery and debuted a reimagined update to “Brilliant!,” the immersive display that showcases some of the museum’s most iconic signs. The new show entitled “Brilliant! Jackpot” is one of several updates the museum intends to introduce in the coming years. We recently attended the media unveiling of the new show and the stunning new mural along the North Gallery that showcases notable figures who have impacted the history of Las Vegas. The “Las Vegas Luminaries” mural was designed with local artists and is intended to pay tribute to these figures while educating visitors. The mural is free to visit 24/7, and admission to the museum or tickets to “Brilliant! Jackpot” are not required to view the mural. 

Inside "Brilliant! Jackpot" Las Vegas | WhereTraveler
Inside "Brilliant! Jackpot" (Courtesy The Neon Museum)

“With the reimagination of the North Gallery, we wanted to create an experience that enhanced the museum’s popular “Brilliant!” show, which has been upgraded to “Brilliant! Jackpot” with more music and new video,” The Neon Museum’s executive director  Aaron Berger said in a statement to the press. “The North Gallery now helps raise awareness about unique individuals who have shaped Las Vegas culturally. We also added interactive educational elements that allow visitors to take a deeper dive into the history highlighted in the show as well as the science of neon signs. Ultimately, our goal is to make the North Gallery a comprehensive and unforgettable experience.” The show rotates through a selection of 54 different songs in the roughly 25-minute presentations—fans can download the playlist via Spotify. Tickets to “Brilliant! Jackpot” are $23 and can be purchased online. A local rate of $19 is available to residents of the Las Vegas community. 

Education at the "Las Vegas Luminaries" Mural | WhereTraveler
Education at the "Las Vegas Luminaries" Mural (Courtesy The Neon Museum)