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Erbaluce Opens in New York City

The brand new restaurant makes its debut in the Flatiron District.

Erbaluce officially opens this week, bringing its unique blend of Italian cuisine to the Big Apple. The new restaurant in the Flatiron District comes to life from Marco Britti and Andreea Milgram, who founded several successful restaurant ventures in New York City. The new restaurant’s menu features a combination of traditional Italian items and modern takes on classic dishes. 

Enjoying Erbaluce in New York City

Erbaluce encompasses all of the best Italian cuisines from nearly every part of the country. “Instead of focusing on one small region, Erbaluce showcases almost every region of Italy through our food and wine menu but highlights the meat and games part more than seafood which is pretty unique these days,” Britti told us. “At Mareluna, we focus on more unique seafood dishes, so we wanted to create a menu that focuses more on land animals. I am Italian and grew up with both, so I want to be able to share the same experience with our guests.” 

Roasted Romanesco & Stracciatella at Erbaluce New York | WHERE Traveler®
Roasted Romanesco & Stracciatella (Courtesy Erbaluce)

Antipasto items include Grilled Focaccia, Parmigiana Crocchette, Burrata & Roasted Figs, and Stracciatella alla Romanesco. A large format option is also available that’s perfect for groups of two to six people that features a selection of items, including prosciutto, Mortadella, Nduja, Soppressata and Pate. Pasta selections include Pomodoro Fresco (with the option of adding Burrata or Stracciatella for an upcharge), Braised Wild Boar and a Roasted Bone Marrow Ragu. 

In addition to the hearty menu, Erbaluce has a specially curated beverage program curated by mixologist Joy Daniel. “We offer a very extensive wine list, but our cocktails are what I am most excited about,” Britti explained. We will be using fresh seasonal ingredients that change as seasons change, so the menu will constantly change.” 

Cocktail at Erbaluce New York | WHERE Traveler®
Cocktail (Courtesy Erbaluce)

 If you’re planning to visit, Britti also has some suggestions for the perfect menu order. “For a party of two, I would do the Grilled Ox Tongue Bruschetta and Smoked Burrata & Nduja to start,” he told us. “Frutti di Mare or the Roasted Bone Marrow Ragu for pasta and Venison Osso Bucco and the Italian Hot Chicken (add the Périgord Black True Honey for sure).”

Erbaluce officially opens on September 23. 

Bistecca alla Griglia at Erbaluce New York | WHERE Traveler®
Bistecca alla Griglia (Courtesy Erbaluce)